Star Wars reference in Diablo III

Ever since I have been grinding Season 6 on a Frenzy Barbarian, I have managed to sight more than a few references to popular pop culture.

Perhaps it is because of this, I have been able to quickly catch specific references.

The Cursed Woods

When you hit the Cursed Woods bounty, check the Forest environment. The forest swamp is literally filled with mobs and pulling them together is easy.

A Whirlwind + Frenzy barbarian makes short work of them (I am using the Kanai’s Armor power which lets me use all Frenzy Runes and I am sporting two unique swords).

A game unique monster starts approaching me and the name of the monster is Kashyyk.

Fans of Star Wars would quickly realize that Kashyyk is the forest swamp planet in the lore of Star Wars. This planet has been used in the original trilogy as well as in multiple games.

A Night in Kashyyk – Screenshot from a the game series of Star Wars

Nice to see the team at Blizzard giving a salute to one of the greatest sci-fi films.

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