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Reading to me is a lifelong practice, and I have already written about it some time back on this blog. Over a period of time, my family has been accumulating a series of books … so much so that, it was hightime we did a spring cleaning of our house to make some space (now with kids, where do you put so many toys?).

book-pileSo, on a weekend, we created this nice pile of books which we wanted to be given to the local library

Paper and Books

A lot of book lovers, not only love reading, but also like that feeling of flipping through pages. Having books published on paper creates one problem … recycling of paper.

When I was in the 10th standard, I had written an essay about libraries and encyclopedia becoming obsolete. We are seeing that in this day and age :)

Ergo, for this decade, I asked my family to look at using electronic books. To get an experience as close to books, I purchased two Kindle Greys, and gave these to my parents (who till this date prefer books). In fact, the last 10 books I have read, have been solely on the Kindle app.


So now if you have the devices, which books can  one read. You can read from Amazon Kindle Store, also import .pdf files and .mobi files. For pirates, there are always torrents lying around on the internet, however, a simpler solution is to subscribe to the Amazon Unlimited subscription.

An Amazon Unlimited subscription is even better than a library subscription. This allows you to read 10 books in tandem at any point in time, and it gives you access to a million titles. Yes, literally a million books to read through.


  • Works just like a library subscription
  • Keep retaining the books for as long as you want
  • All the books you can ever read are a tap away


  • The books you may want to read might have a price tag and may not be included in the Unlimited category
  • The Unlimited store is limited to 1 million titles or so :)
  • Sea of crappy books which you may not want to read. I love reading sci-fi, however, I haven’t been able to read much of sci-fi titles

All in all, Amazon Unlimited is a nice substitute for a library. The cons I listed are pretty much there even in a library. As an avid reader, I am happily able to read through 5-6 books a month which is a great.

Especially for a lazy person like me, all the books I can read at a tap of a screen seems perfect :)





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