Best way to beat the cold

A couple of nights back, it was the coldest dip in Mumbai city ever. A chilly 11 degrees celsius!

I thought, that I might share with you good folks this family recipe that we have been having ever since my childhood. It’s a simple enough drink and it beats the cold and soothes the throat. Here’s what you need –

  1. 1 cup of drinking water
  2. 3 teaspoons of honey
  3. Half a lemon

Simply heat the water to the boiling point and cool it down, while it is hot add the honey and lemon. Serve it hot. It works great with kids, Anasuya is loving it :-)

For the parents, here’s a twist – add 30 ml of brandy or scotch! Have it hot, and it goes down pretty smoothly.

Three guesses what we are going to have for New Years :-), ohhh and here’s wishing all you good folks out there a very happy new year!!

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