When virtual takes over real

Just read this in the paper –

In a shocking case of parental negligence, a 3-month-old baby was starved to death after her parents forget to feed her as they were busy honing their parental skills in raising a virtual child.

Gaming is a technology that can be used to learn new skills (parenting being one of them), but before the game takes over the real purpose of picking up that skill, the player needs to quit.

5 thoughts on “When virtual takes over real”

  1. Your blogging style is increasingly turning Amit Varmaish. WTF news of the day, eh? :)
    Btw, I’m pretty sure this is made up. I dont think parents can be that engrossed in virtual children that they fail to hear the wails of a live one. You should know. :)

    1. News of the day nahi tha re, I thought I will turn one of the major themes of this blogs as games. I dont read Amit Varma so have no clue as to how I should change my writing style :-)

  2. sounds so untrue and fake news… How engrossed can they get? I mean forgot to the feed the baby and feed themselves too? and for how many days? weird!

  3. though they might be lying about everything.. the baby is dead that is true. There are stories where children do die of starvation. Here , the news says parents did not want her for many resaons and fed her only once a day. No use discussing this.. baby is no more.

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