Rise of Nations: Strategy should be civilization specific

Any season player will tell you that the choice of civilization will make or break your game. This is all the more true in multi-player games. When our lot started playing, we quickly realized that certain nations are way much better than the rest. Soon, some of us developed their styles around certain civilizations. Amongst the entire lot, one of us could never figure out which is his best civ. He used to play the same with any civilization … soon it dawned on the rest of us, that this is the way the game is to be played. You need to be as good or as effective with any civilization. What needs to change is our choice of strategy.

For example, if you are Aztec, then you have to be a war-monger. You cannot stay in peace. If you are Greeks, then you have to boom and race ahead in terms of ages. So on and so forth. Some civilizations are well rounded. The Americans, Dutch … Indians … I think they are very well balanced to suit any strategy.

I know some of you may not agree, but I think the winning player is the one who can choose the right strategy with the right game play style with the right civilization. That’s the trick.

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  1. I think civilizations matter the most during the first half of the game.. i.e. upto age 5 or 6.. after that every team is powerful as others. And, really.. it doesn’t matter what civics i get..(sometimes, it does matter :P).. i just decide whether to go for boom or to go for rush!! :P

  2. Yup I agree. It matters. So I was on a flyer in that game. :P Chinese super booming. I also agree wit vips. He’s somewhat right. :)

  3. @Vipul & Ameya – I say it goes on till next ages as well. For eg, Ameya in that game I was Maya who have the best infantry in the last age (special unit). Prashant was British (who also have special units infantry and air support). Bygones anyways :)
    What I am saying is that certain civilizations should decide your decisions rush/boom. An Aztec rush stands a better chance of succeeding than a Lakota one for instance!!

  4. Ya I agree. But who’s gonna wait till the last age to attack u?? hehehe. And as that game is concern,I was Chinese and I purely boomed in that game.I’m sure Ur aware about the consequences when some1 attacking after a super boom. :P That too King AMEYA !!! heheheh

  5. @Ameya – Think back and tell me, you were Chinese that’s why you could super boom better. Had you been Mongols or Aztecs, then you could not have super boomed :-)

  6. in my opinion, one of the better civilizations is Bantu. Especially if u can build the Colossus and have the peacock resource. you can get 325 population limit. That means you can comfortably have 100 citizens or more pushing all of the resource caps to the limit and building you a very strong economy.

    1. @Dill – I agree, Bantu can be quite powerful given the peacock and Colossus, the fast moving infantry and the ultra-cheap cities. Booming seems to be their natural game, and that’s what I was saying … try to do this with Aztecs and you will see the difference. Some civvies just need to attack, while with others it is wiser to boom.

  7. Yeah I agree.
    Else you’ll keep on building seiges even when your turks. lolz. sounds noobish hehehe
    Turks: Free 2 seiges / seigeworkshop.

  8. I like Russians. Its the most defensive one with added border push. Once a colosseum, a and a kremlin is built, no one can kill russia. Its safe to take russia , gather enough resources and then go on the offensive. Well, Russian units are not that tough, until that mordern age “katiyusha rocket”-But if we wisely use the units to counter the enemy units, like horse archer against heavy infantry, and cossack against archers and javelineers then may be we can fight a bit. Also carry a lots of supply wagons and 10 seige units at least – order all your units to just defend the seige units and then 10 units soon capture a city and then bring more units to hold it till it assimilates-and once assimilated no one can enter it without getting attrition damage. RUSSIAN BASE WHEN TOWERED AND WELL FORTIFIED WITH 20-30 COSSACKS READY IS UNCONQUERABLE ! A safe base means supplies available always, and we can rebuilt our army quickly.. It works pretty well with MODERATE, even against 2 or 3 moderate computer players…..I’ve not played in HARD or HARDEST ,but I believe Russians are the only way to fight HARD and HARDEST.

    1. Madari1, Don’t know about others but we have taken on Toughest using virtually any civilization. Even slow to start civs like Lakota and Maya :)

    2. I agree russians are very defensive. I believe it is only in initial part of the game only for few ages. After they are no longer relevant. But, I prefer americans. Due to their civilization advantages we can rush through technologies than other nations. Also barrack units create economy. I use strategy to defend until entlightment age until unique units marine infantry come into play. I start conquering near by cities with siege weapons after that.
      Also, we need less villagers for american civilization when compared to other nations since barrack units will also some economy. After that no army stand before marine infantries with combination of fighters try it out.Be sure to demolish sam installations first in war zone. They are cheap as well as effective ones. Also they can stand even without a general. I keep on creating every now and then. As soon as free bombers are available I will demolish important enemy building targets. I personally feel that american nation is biased in terms of special abilites. I have defeated computer many times in hard. But , I havent defeated in hardest though.

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