Why we pay taxes

A discussion with a friend about salary structures resulted in this post –

  1. I am damn scared of an IT raid
  2. Paying corrupt officials the salary and perks that they dont deserve
  3. Paying for infrastructural developments that dont help anyone
  4. Reducing the deficits of the nation
  5. If I do it, then everyone else could also do it

Despite all this cynicism, I still pay my dues … and I think that gives me a moral authority to demand the same from my fellow Indians.

All it takes is an idea.

6 thoughts on “Why we pay taxes”

  1. I dont like paying Income Tax. It doesn’t make any sense to my little brain. It gives me a feeling that despite having a democratic setup, we still live in a socialist economy.

  2. So Mayur, will you rather pay money out of your pocket to local organization to keep roads clean, public transportation cheap and food prices in check?

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