Jaago Jaago … Jaago Re!!

I am sure that all of you have seen that ad by Tata Tea (I think I got the brand right) … and some of you might even have tried to figure out what does voting have to do with tea? Frankly, not much.

But have you visited the site – Jaagore? Well, I decided to give it a whirl today. The site is all about increasing our awareness about voting and voter registration. It aims at clearing some of the myths that are amongst us … some of them being –

  1. That you can vote only from your place of birth/permanent residence (FAIL)
  2. You do not have sufficient proof of residence to register as a vote (FAIL)
  3. Voter ID card is essential for voting (FAIL)

Coincidentally, I was talking with Baba about having a political based social networking site just this weekend. The data presented on the site is accurate but could be arranged in a better manner. I hope this site gets more hits!!

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