Lazy blogger

I feel the need to change the look and feel of my blog. But I am too lazy :-)

What to do now?

Addendum – Thanks to Biggie‘s help, I am working on this … it’s WIP, but you will see the blog morphing!!

Some more – Now working on the CSS and the XML, It would be great if someone could give me a nice image to put on the header. Okay, now I am close to tearing my hair out here.

I think I am done!! No comments please, this aint changing!!

18 thoughts on “Lazy blogger”

  1. Come on Prasad, sip coffee; get high on caffeine. Keep your spirits high or get high on spirits ;-)Since I read your blog daily, I want it to have a good look. So pick one of the themes from here - here -

  2. @ biggie .. thanks for those urls!! Ill now have that coffee :) ..
    @don – i know .. hence the need for change!!

  3. Wannabe layout. The “W” comes over a similar colored patch, so is not visible.

    I would have expected a rather elegant choice from you, but then again… knowing you – this was also sort of expected :D

  4. You’re back to the weird template? I think you can do better than that. And I’ve noticed that the comment box does not open in a pop-up anymore. Nice :)

  5. @amit – i m not a graphics designer .. care to make one for me :-D .. and lol yeah!! dynamic coding rocks!!the pop-up thing can be done thru options … chk ur settings -> comments

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