Dark Knight: IMDB #1

Saw this one over the weekend, and yes … the news is out. We have a winner here … pro’lly the best batman flick ever!!

It’s a whopping 9.7 on IMDB, ousting Godfather from the top spot is a feat … a huge feat!! The reason?? I believe the movie is not like your run of the mill batman flick, with chics, action and baddies all over the movie. It goes deeper into explaining why the characters are as they are … why Batman has to be a vigilante, how is police officer Gordon promoted to the Commissioner post. Why is the Joker who he is … why does two-face hate Batman’s guts.

The casting of the movie is superb, with acting greats like Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine (playing the role of the wise Alfred). The action scenes are realistic, the characterisation is superb, if you are a Batman fan, this is your Meccah!!

4 thoughts on “Dark Knight: IMDB #1”

  1. The Dark Night collected a record $66.4 million (Rs 283 crore) on the opening day…tht explain a lot!

  2. Trying to catch the show sometime this week. I was worried that the reviews were coming out good only as a tribute to Heath Ledger, but now I believe it is not so.

  3. Yes, do catch it .. not for the action .. but for the batman the character .. for the casting .. for the screenplay .. for the acting

  4. saw this one .. couldnt wait till Friday, so went to it on Tuesday. And boy what sheer entertainment this movie is… some of frames still float in front of me… deserves every bit of the rating / rave review it is getting…

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