U Me aur Hum

To cut it short, its better if you see The Notebook instead. Well, it was a Saturday night and we desperately wanted to see a movie on the Sunday … considering my last movie was an abysmal movie, I had to get over that one.

So off we went for the movie, and lo behold … Fame Adlabs gives a decent price off on the morning show, black leather sofa seats (lazyboys baby!!) at a cool 100 bucks.

The movie starts on a pretty decent note, with some good acting by Ajay Devgan and most notably Kajol. The funny part is that I do not have the slightest idea how the movie ends.

PS – Please see this movie with a loved one.

10 thoughts on “U Me aur Hum”

  1. Movies to be watched with the beloved..!

    that should be an interesting list. here’s five:
    1.Before Sunset
    2.Before Sunrise
    3.When Harry Met Sally
    4.An Affair To Remember
    5.Roman Holiday

    now gimme 5! [:D]

  2. Awesome 5 ones!! very nice choice Sudhir .. here goes .. you have named 3 or possibly 4 movies which i might have named!!

    1. Youve got mail
    2. one fine day
    3. notting hill
    4. love actually
    5. what women want

  3. What women want??? Are you outta your mind?
    Anyhoo, here is a list of movies I am looking forward to –
    1] WALL-E
    2] Kungfu panda
    3] Hancock
    4] Harold and Kumar – Escape from Guantanamo Bay (already released, need to watch)
    5] The Dark Knight

    Also not trying to be nit picky, but La-Z-Boy is the company who makes the comfortable sofa seats, the seats are called recliners. <:p>

  4. aah .. I stand corrected :-) aina!! What women want is a timepass movie :-) … dark knight?? okie .. U want to watch these movies is it? Ps. going for Iron man today

  5. Dark Knight is the new batman movie – supposed to be the darkest of all. Heath Ledgers last role – he plays Joker.

  6. Ohhh .. Heath Ledgers last role .. interesting the darkness almost seems akin to Brandon Lee and his last role in the Crow!!

  7. @ashish & prasad:

    Sadly, Heath Ledgers posthumous role of the Joker was something worth dying for, literally. Jack Nicholson who played the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman publicly expressed his disappointment at not being offered the role. I’ve read the book, Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke”, an adaptation of which is the next batman movie, and it certainly promises to be the best one ever.

    Having said that, I thought this post was about movies you would watch with your significant other [:)]
    personally, I cant see any batman movie featuring in that list.

    some more dope on Dark Knight. Heath Ledger modeled his role of Joker on alex from “a clockwork orange”

  8. My god!! Alex … aina, feedback on the movie? I definitely would not watch this with that special some-one :-)

  9. Well, my special someone would certainly watch those with me. Anyhoo, to make the list more generic, remove Dark Knight and put in CON – Prince Caspian in its place. What can I say, the special someone has to have interest in such movies to keep my interest in her. :-)

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