Savalee : The acorn and the oak

They have a saying – The acorn does not fall far from the oak … but what about the acorn, it also wants to grow big and strong like the oak … does it get that chance?

This movie, is very much like that. It is about one such young and talented singer (Amruta Subhash), who is the daughter of an acclaimed classical singer (played by Reema Lagoo). The daughter feels that she never gets her own credit, since all people attribute her talent to her mother. Eventually, the daughter throws away a ready made career planned by her mother to walk on a path of her own. A song of her own. It also showcases a mother’s love for her daughter fraught with the pain of seeing a good disciple throwing away success and glory for a foolhardy cause.

I identify with this plot a lot. I hail from a family of doctors. My parents also wanted me to take up medicine as my choice of profession, I dont say I did not try. I did, but lets just say that Maths came much more easily to me than Biology. My father is a double gold medallist (MBBS finals and MD finals), and that too from the top medical college in Mumbai. How can one surpass this if I am to remain in the field of medicine. Even today my sister is know as Dr. Ajinkya’s daughter, although she is MD, Pathology and a brilliant histopathologist herself. Had I been a doctor, I would have struggled trying to prove to myself that I am as good as my father … if not better. And that’s precisely how Amruta’s character would have felt.

2 thoughts on “Savalee : The acorn and the oak”

  1. Precisely how I feel about the industry my father is a giant in.

    Well, not everyone is a Rahul Dev Burman. :)

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