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GoI and Careers

When talking with some colleagues at work, I realized that they are working on a supposedly ambitious project – to categorize all the possible jobs and opportunities for people in India. It struck me that this has already been done by the U.S. Labor department; and very well executed at that. In fact that site […]

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1984 to 2010

We are in the process of formalizing our IT and Electronic Access Policies. In this process, often the team drafting the initial proposal finds it pretty easy to switch to the Orwellian mode of 1984, wherein Big Brother is always watching. Although the intent of these people often stems from the fact that they desire […]

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Adobe and Apple: The feeling is mutual

I was on Google Suggest, and it’s wonderful what little insights you can get on how and what are people searching for – go figure!


Father’s Day

Happy father’s day to all the expecting, new and experienced fathers!

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Predicting Business Cycles

Back in August 2006, I had written a post on Dot Com Bust 2.0, sadly rediff BLOGS has a bad way of storing posts (week-wise instead of it being individual posts) passed away into oblivion. Revisiting that post was an interesting exercise, an excerpt – Do we see history repeating itself? A sudden surge in […]


Rise of Nations: Militia Rush

When I first heard about the idea, it sounded crazy. Crazy enough that it might just work!! Now kids, dont try this at home, you need a special set of conditions for this to work. You for one have to be Turks (since this strategy uses the Turks powers to the fullest). If your target […]


Automating workflows

So you are stuck with submitting lots of data over and over again through a long web-based forms … sigh!! Wondering whether this can be automated. OR You have entered into this community based competition where people register and vote on different entries (you see a lot of these competition these days … crowdsourcing the […]