Goodbye Forever

It’s not until you know for sure that you are never going to see someone for the rest of your life do you sense the loss.

Have you been on a trip and made friends with others, only to realize that you will probably never see each other again? When the time to part comes, you sense a small twinge of a loss.

However, when these are blood relations … family ties where you know the grandfather who always comes to all family occasions, who manages to play and keep all the children occupied … by barking like a dog or by teasing the children. The one constant in your family who can be trusted to show up on all occasions. The loss you feel is greater … subtle even.

I will miss him.

RIP – Suhas Ajoba

Net Neutrality or Why I have picked up Tor

The recent Net Neutrality debate has me scared.

The very notion that the internet (which has always been considered as a free medium) needs to be regulated and controlled by a select few gives me the creeps.

India has been always pro for regulation, and this has resulted in fewer scams, but take the Telecom bandwidth licensing issues for e.g. The whole reason why telecom companies are crying out murder against OTT (read the internet) services is this.

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The Bucket List

All of us have dreams, aspirations and goals in our lives. Things we wish to do or to achieve before we proverbially kick the bucket.

This list is the Bucket List.

It’s a summation of all the things that drive us to do the things we do. It shapes us and our actions. This is a post for #Indispired.

The list however, is true to my heart and let’s hope that I am able to strike off all the items before I call it a day. Perhaps then, I can also add to it!

The Bucket List

  • Retire from work playing Golf (preferably at at the age of 40). This is what I told my would be father-in-law when I was but 24 years old. On hearing this, he was dumbfounded (since he was 40+ at that time). I still have 6 years to do this.
  • Get out of a job and become an entrepreneur.
  • Found a big ass thriving company known for quality work and delivering value. Well, I am working on this and the next 2-3 years would be focused on scaling 13 Llama Interactive.
  • Inaugurate at least one ceremony at IIM Indore (my alma mater).
  • Have one crore INR lying in an FD account investments.
  • Create one super famous product. I was part of the team that created KlueLess¬†and built EduPristine, but this needs to be big ass famous :)
  • Visit Times Square during New Year’s Eve (perhaps because I have watched too many movies).
  • Lose like 40 kilos.
  • Ride Drive a Ferrari. I know this is too cliched, but what the hell, it’s my bucket list and I want to drive a Ferrari.
  • Have a huge and successful blog (and thank you for helping, please be a dear and spread the word around :) )