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  • New leaf

    An extension of the last post, but I figured – that it deserves a separate mention. So, here we go!! On the day I touched Mumbai, one of the first things I did was back-up my machine and format it. Formatting is like a cleansing mechanism for me … like turning over a new leaf. […]

  • Home Sweet Home

    Yes, the post is slightly late, but after all the action happening throughout the week, there was minimal time to post. Well, I am back in Mumbai for good, and am set on settling for good … no more travelling around for me. The stint in Hyderabad has ended after a good two years, feeling […]

  • Aamchi Mumbai

    This just in. Thank god for some good sense!! Saamna was bound to slam one of their own. The moment Raj Thackeray must have said those words, there would have been some minds tracing the eddies those remarks must have caused in the social currents of the city. Slamming non-mumbaikars to garner the vote of […]