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Bing eyes Desktop Search Market

Microsoft’s search engine is one of the lesser known search engines on the web. With lesser known I mean that its far behind in terms of market share with respect to the market leader – Google. One thing that seems to be working in their favour though, is the is doing better than G+. […]


Google’s Zerg Rush Easter Egg

I had earlier written about Google’s Easter Eggs, but the one I found about today was too good to resist. For the uninitiated, Zerg is a race in the hit Blizzard series – Starcraft (its a RTS). In both Starcraft and Starcraft II, there is a common Zerg strategy of Rushing. A rush is where […]

Business Work

Google Search Update

I had earlier posted about a starters guide to SEO. Back then my understanding of this was also developing and the only way I could add to my understanding of the subject was via experiments … that I carried out on this blog, and also at work. Finally, we did arrive at a scalable solution. […]

Funny Technology

Google Search Easter Eggs

The good folks at Google have a great sense of humor. Ever since the launch of GMail on the 1st of April, and the subsequent April Fool jokes, we are always guessing what hidden joke lurks in each of the Google products. Here are some of them that I have found, you can check them […]

Business foo Funny

Adobe and Apple: The feeling is mutual

I was on Google Suggest, and it’s wonderful what little insights you can get on how and what are people searching for – go figure!


Google Fonts!

Came across Google Webfonts, decided to try it out on this blog. Instructions are pretty simple, as long as you are using CSS on your site. Otherwise you will be forced to CSSify your site first before implementing Google’s webfonts. Include the Google Font definition in your head section, and simply update the “font-family” attribute […]

Funny Social

What are Indians yearning to learn?

Every year Google releases their Zeitgeist (“spirit of the times”). I was going through their 2009 release when I came across this list for India. The top 10 How-To’s that were searched in India are listed below How to how to kiss how to hack how to meditate how to study how to swim how […]