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LIONs are whores

Scratch that picture of a feline with cheap make-up and gaudy mane!! I mean the new style of declaring yourself as a LION (Largest Internet Open Networker) on LinkedIn to say that you are open to connect with one and all. In other words, you are connecting promiscuously – a connection whore. I am not […]

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Adobe and Apple: The feeling is mutual

I was on Google Suggest, and it’s wonderful what little insights you can get on how and what are people searching for – go figure!

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Last week, I had a massive muscle pull. So much so that I could not get up off the floor. From the floor, I managed to crawl my way to the bed in 90 minutes. The doctor said that I was not supposed to get off the bed for at least a week. Bye bye […]

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So you want to be an author?

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What are Indians yearning to learn?

Every year Google releases their Zeitgeist (“spirit of the times”). I was going through their 2009 release when I came across this list for India. The top 10 How-To’s that were searched in India are listed below How to how to kiss how to hack how to meditate how to study how to swim how […]

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Business Acumen

I have always been in amazement with Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin shows his extraordinary perceptive skills in various settings. Understanding how a business works for one :), knowing that sustainability of the business for another!


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