It amazes me to what extent technology can amaze people. The sheer amount of possibilities it opens up for them … the happiness and surprise that you can see on their faces, it’s a treat to watch. It’s almost akin to the expression of when aborigines first discovered fire … the expression of … “ohh!! aisa bhi hota hain?“. Makes my day every time.

2 thoughts on “Technology”

  1. That was exactly the expression on almost every visitors face when we opened up the ‘Cloud on demand’ concept in the Interop exhibition this year. They just couldn’t believe the entire IT infra could be hired just for an hour :-) as and when you need.

    Not just the business, they were also overawed by the extent of technology.

    I wonder when we will have the ‘Matrix’ style chips embedded in our brains to make us the perfect human beings. :-)

  2. Hey! thats already started … readup on RFID, and you will get to know that there is one chap who has an rfid chip in his hand. this chip unlocks his house, his car, etc. He also intends on giving one for his girlfriend.

    I just hope that they done breakup !!!

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