Do not want to rant and rave about what has been keeping me away from the blog, but this is the gist of it

  1. My sister Arati got married ps – Ashish, have mailed you the link. Her saasar is in Dombivali … quite far from where we stay. She is moving into a new house, new locality and building things up from scratch, god bless her soul
  2. Kida 2.0 is on the way :-), in 3 more months I would be a proud father!!
  3. The new job at Illumine is turning out to be quite an interesting assignment (and that is why you have seen more gyaan posts around here). More on this later. ps – Biggie, keep a watch out for this
  4. Most of my free time is spent in Multiplayer Rise of Nations over VPN :-)

Today was an opportunity where I got some free time from everything and am unleashing a slew of posts … Bwa ha ha haha!!