Business Acumen 4

Business Acumen
I have always been in amazement with Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin shows his extraordinary perceptive skills in various settings. Understanding how a business works for one :), knowing that sustainability of the business for another! Related: Business World Predicting Business Cycles I am SAPped! Social Entrepreneurship – How is it any different?

He is going to be a programmer 6

He is going to be a programmer
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Zoozoo! 2

Buzz behind Zoozoos – Everyone is talking about Zoozoo these days. Even me for that matter!! And you know what this is creating my friends? Its creating a buzz … a buzz unlike any other in the market these days. People love it, people hate it … but people definitely talk about it. Vodafone has ...

It pains me to see this. So True!

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Foxkeh 5

With the new impending release of Firefox 3.1 (aptly named Shiretoko – after the Japanese park), the Firefox community is considering adopting Foxkeh, a japanese mascot which is cute to say the least. It is a fox which has a flame as its tail. See for yourself. Here is one of the buttons available on ...

Be Selfish

  How true is this, wish I could be that honest! Related: No related posts.

Wall·E 5

This weekend we decided to catch Wall-E, thanks to my best friend Ashish‘s suggestion. I am not such a great fan of Pixar, I love their culture, but not much of their art … well, that things changed now! I mean, I like animated movies … the effects and all that jazz, but why would ...

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He is going to be a programmer
Business Acumen