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Mumbaikars, dont go astrayKeep your fears at bayLife is going to continue the same wayKeep the faith and pray Be it bombs be it grenadeFor an aam aadmi these are all a charadeWe wont treat it as a tiradeIn the walk of life we parade We toil and we fawnFrom the dusk till dawnCome what mayLife will still go on… Read more →


the difference between a smile and a frownyou can see when the chips are downwhat sets the winners and whiners apartis that winners have got heart Related: Self-Esteem v/s Employability Purpose needs to be actionable! Do you really need that? Bounce Read more →


Something to welcome the week, an ode by yours truly. Of blues and unpaid dues, Of illegitimate taxes and ignored faxes,I do not welcome it, I do not love it, Oh!! It certainly tis not a fun day,But here comes a Monday!! Related: Mondays Bed-ridden Taxes as Perks Why we pay taxes Read more →

The Temporary The All

by Thomas Hardy Change and chancefulness in my flowering youthtime,Set me sun by sun near to one unchosen;Wrought us fellow-like, and despite divergence, Friends interlinked us. “Cherish him can I while the true one forthcome -Come the rich fulfiller of my prevision;Life is roomy yet, and the odds unbounded.” So self-communed I. Thwart my wistful way did a damsel saunter,Fair,… Read more →