Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day
To be honest, I don’t on all occasions … but sometimes (based on how serious the conversation is) I do Happy Valentine’s Day Harshaja!!     Related: Happy Diwali 2013 Happy Dussera Happy New Year 2013! Happy Dussehra

Happy Diwali 2013

Happy Diwali 2013
May this Diwali usher in a period of well being and prosperity to all of you! Let the light chase away the dark thoughts and usher forth a time of wealth and knowledge. Related: Happy Diwali Happy Diwali! Happy New Year 2013! Happy New Year!

RIP Google Reader

RIP Google Reader
Google is one organization which I will always respect. The amount of products and web apps that it has released over the years is awesome … it’s not that other companies are not releasing as many products (if not more!). What gets to me is that the sheer number of products that Google releases which ...

Off to Coorg 7

Off to Coorg
Every year we make it a point to go on a week long vacation. This year is like no other, most of the times I try and leave behind most of the ties at work. This time around, the deluge of work was in such a high volume, that I decided to take some work ...

Why it is not a Happy Republic Day 4

Yesterday as the entire nation celebrated it’s 64th Republic day, as different brands and people were happily swinging the tri-colour in the air, I deliberately chose NOT to post a tri-coloured image on my blog wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day. It has been 64 years for the country and frankly speaking I am not ...

Happy New Year 2013! 2

People ask me what will I be doing this new years? In the past, I would be partying during my bachelor days … there were some other nights when on New Years, I was installing Ubuntu alongside with a glass of scotch! (yes, this has happened on two separate New Year occasions in fact!). This ...

As the World Ends 2

As the World Ends
Today is the D-Day, the day when the Mayan calendar runs out … and thus, leading us to think that the world has ended. What were they really thinking? In almost all civilizations, this day has been predicted. We Maharashtrians have an end of the world known as pralay. This literally translates into the great ...

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