Reality Shows 6

If I have to go by the entertainment shows on TV these days, then I think the society is slowly going to the dogs. So many of them, and all of them are just so wrong … they involve celebrities, big and small that people worship. That people want to emulate, that people look up ...

And we wash Lads too!! 2

And we wash Lads too!!
Was going to my office today, when I saw this hilarious typo on a laundry service’s van. Related: Hyderabad The world without Microsoft Office Silly-kaun Valley! Financial Services: A sunrise sector

Idiocracy 5

There have been sci-fi movies and there have been sci-fi movies; But none like this one. In any sci-fi movie, you expect the human civilization to be so ultra advanced and modern, that it is set to baffle the viewer of today. It’s always shone as a rosy picture that technology being at a zenith ...

Legalizing Corruption 7

On my way home from work, I was having this conversation with a colleague. He made an interesting point, the change in our thinking if we were to legalize corruption. The concept is simple – Declare your black money, pay a nominal amount to the government and you get to keep it for yourself. I ...

Roadies nahi Toadies 6

The Indian Media Revolution has brought forth this host of reality shows on different television channels. Life is stranger and more interesting than fiction. MTV Roadies is just one more of these shows … my wife watches it regularly. In fact, so regularly that even I have started watching that damn show. For people who ...

Innovation and Dilbert 1

  Was going through the Dilbert archives when I came across this two strips. Real example of what happens when management makes uninformed decisions about technology where they are clueless. Seems familiar to you too? Related: N00bs! Ownership Capability v/s Attributes What Women Want

American Pie Productions 5

  I am not that big an American Pie fan, although I have seen more than my fair share of american teen comedy movies. Quite a lot of them, watching those movies I sometimes realize that the average IQ of an american must be really low. I do not mean to be condescending or even ...

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