Custom Reporting in Google Analytics 1

Custom Reporting in Google Analytics
Google Analytics rolled out more than 5 years back, and it has been rocking ever since. The first free enterprise class analytics seemed to keep on adding more and more awesome features every year. Especially after the acquisition of the Urchin tracker system, GA has been the de facto analytics system for all websites. Of ...

Wololo or How Obama won the election

Wololo or How Obama won the election
In case if you missed the reference, then you clearly haven’t played Age of Empires (and it’s subsequent Rise of Rome expansion pack). Related: Sacred Underworld Fallen Enchantress LK Advani does an Obama!! World Champions!

WoW on Wine

No, I don’t drink and raid I recently have taken a lot to playing World of Warcraft during my free time (I think this also reflects pretty well on the blog :-)). I also have bought a good powerhouse of a desktop, and had dual booted it with WinXP and Win7. The problem with Win7 ...

Valuation of Tanishq Gold Harvest Offer 4

If you are in India and watch Television, then you surely must have watched this ad –     The ad is targeted towards working women who take charge of their lives and planning their future on their terms. The ad which is timed brilliantly is launched in sync with the India International Jewelry Week, ...

Droid drool 4

Bought a Samsung Galaxy S today. Have been raving about it since. First blog post from the mobile using WordPress for Android. Related: Android driving up the Mobile Growth Rate WordPress Theme! To WordPress or not? Father’s Day

Rise of Nations: Roman Castle in Age I 3

Sounded innocuous and impossible to me too. But get this, it CAN be done, and it works well in border push strategy. If you are Romans in Rise of Nations, then do give this tip a try to put your opponent on the backfoot. No one wants to attack a well defended outpost, even if ...

Rise of Nations: Raiding 4

So I was talking to King Ameya (who often comments on my Rise of Nations posts). He was mentioning that the previous post on Heavy Cavalry was actually a lesson on raiding. For those who are new to the game, raiding is a concept where you use a small armed force to take down the ...

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