Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend
On a lazy Saturday afternoon, during the Diwali weekend, I saw this book lying unread on our bookshelf. Chetan Bhagat is an author who did huge waves with the launch of his first book, however book after book have been thrashed. There is something about CB and numbers. Half Girlfriend There is a lot of criticism ...

Foundation 2

For some reason, I had stayed away from reading Isaac Asimov. Probably because I had seen some of the poorly done movies based on his books. I finally gave in, and started reading Asimov … Foundation being one of the first novels I got my hands upon. The story is set in the far future ...

Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game
One day, in office, I came across this list, the best sci-fi novels of all time (according to Reddit). I was pleased at first as I browsed through the list … I had read the first two of them … as I went down the list … not one read! I had heard about some ...

Reading as a lifelong practice 3

Reading as a lifelong practice
During my formative years, my parents took pains to ensure that I got access to a lot of books. As a baby I used to happily tear out pages from a book; the only reason my parents must have restrained themselves from taking that book away from me was the hope that one day I ...

So you want to be an author? 2

So you want to be an author?
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Technology as a catalyst

Technology as a catalyst
This on the New York Times, an article about how a librarian had to change her practice skill-sets from being an archive keeper of knowledge to someone who teaches the right way to access the right data. How many of us still read books? Flip through their pages? Very few of the new generation do ...

Chetan Bhagat and Integers 13

Just a random thought … why do all Chetan Bhagat novels have integers in the title? One night at a call center Two states Three mistakes of my life Five point someone Is this by chance, or by design? Related: Book in your emails Customer Engagement Reality :-) Foundation

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