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Mastering a Mammoth

As part of my work, I am also maintaining the corporate blog these days. Sadly, the content management system (CMS) on which the blog is based on is kinda out of date. So much so that it has become virtually impossible to recreate the same environment on my own desktop. What this means as a software person, I have to… Read more →

Google Fonts!

Came across Google Webfonts, decided to try it out on this blog. Instructions are pretty simple, as long as you are using CSS on your site. Otherwise you will be forced to CSSify your site first before implementing Google’s webfonts. Include the Google Font definition in your head section, and simply update the “font-family” attribute in your body CSS definition… Read more →

Predicting Business Cycles

Back in August 2006, I had written a post on Dot Com Bust 2.0 (you can read it at the link provided, sadly rediff BLOGS has a bad way of storing posts (week-wise instead of it being individual posts). Revisiting that post was an interesting exercise, an excerpt – Do we see history repeating itself? A sudden surge in this… Read more →

Associate Blogger!

In case you are wondering why the reduced frequency in posts, that’s because I have taken up part time blogging at a site which I have frequented and grown to love over the past couple of years. It is Crazy Engineers. You can read the rest of the announcement here. Guess I will have to plan my time better so… Read more →


WordPress Theme!

Created or rather tweaked my first WordPress theme ever. Have taken the Magazine theme and with the help of Angad worked out a flashy new theme for our latest blog at work. Interesting to note that many people do only this for a living and some of the themes fetching a whopping $200 per piece. Makes me want to learn… Read more →

Targeting your blog’s content

It’s a thought experiment that I would want to share with you all – Divide the blog’s content into content which I want to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc Tag the posts accordingly Create separate feeds for each tag Sync the right feeds with the right media That way, intended audiences could be targeted and on different spaces. All… Read more →